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The Association (NewM_NA)-- Who We Are

We are the New Monterey Neighborhood Association. You live in New Monterey if you reside in the yellow area of the map at the right. (expanded map here) You become a Member of NewM_NA by paying dues. All residents --Owners as well as Renters -- are welcome. Make this YOUR Neighborhood Association. 

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the New Monterey Neighborhood Association is to preserve and enhance the quality of life and residential quality of the area and to support and enhance business and business development in the commercial districts of the area. See the By-Laws for more information about the Association.

What We Do

The New Monterey Neighborhood Association does several things, some for it's members, many others for all the residents of New Monterey: 1. We participate in the City of Monterey's Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP). NIP is an annual process for allocating a percentage of the Hotel Occupancy Tax toward projects proposed by the members of each of Monterey's nineteen neighborhoods. Projects such as street and sidewalk repairs, parks improvements, etc. 2. We host speakers in meetings open to everyone, often City department heads but also property developers and activists, who give us direct contact with the people effecting our lives. 3. We host a candidate forum before each City Election. 4. We publish a Newsletter, a Facebook page, and this website.

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