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Who you gonna call?

This list should help New Monterey residents and property owners when you need telephone assistance from the City of Monterey.

For online help, visit the City of Monterey's Web Site.

Abandoned Automobiles Monterey Police 646-3914
Buildings in Need of Repair Building Inspection, Licenses 646-3890
Garbage Collection Monterey Disposal Service 372-7977
Graffiti - To Report Monterey Police 646-3830
Landscaping, Fences Interfering w/ Pedestrians Code Enforcement 646-3750
Parking Enforcement Parking Enforcement 646-3953
Monterey Police Department General Information 646-3830
Monterey Police Department Non Emergency 646-3914
Monterey Police Department Emergency 911
Police Tip Line Monterey Police 646-3840
Pothole Repair Street Maintenance 646-3927
Recyling MRWMD 384-5313
Sewer Maintenance/Sewer Smell Street Maintenance 646-3927
Sign Maintenance Street Maintenance 646-3922
Stray Animals Animal Control 646-3820
Street Closures Street Maintenance 646-3927
Street Drainage Problems Street Maintenance 646-3927
Street Lighting Maintenance Street Maintenance 646-3927
Suggestions: City of Monterey 24-Hour Recording 646-3799
Suggestions: New Monterey Business Assoc. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 655-8070
Traffic Enforcement Monterey Police 646-3814
Traffic Signal Malfunction Street Maintenance 646-3922
Tree Maintenance Urban Forester 646-3860
Vandalism to Public Property Monterey Police 646-3914
Watermain & Fire Hydrant Leaks Cal-Am Water Co. 373-3051
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