NMNA Traffic Calming Program for David and Prescott

After a number of neighborhood meetings we have arrived at a plan for the installation of traffic calming devices along David and Prescott.

The Plan at the right shows the location and type of device proposed. For a larger version, click on any graphic.

Read the New Monterey Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan - David and Prescott:  Part 1Part 2

Also on the right are photo simulations of how David and Prescott will look before and after the installation.

If you have questions or comments, please send them along to Traffic Engineering.

Other City resources on:  Traffic Calming and the Traffic Calming Policy

If you would like to see traffic calming devices in action, visit:
  * Upper Franklin (by Cedar)
  * Franklin and High
  * Airport Road (by Fairgrounds)
  * Ramona

Traffic Calming Plan
Installation Plan for Calming Devices

David Avenue
David Avenue


Last updated: 01/16/2017