Sections extracted from December 4, 2019 Wireless Sub-Committee Agenda Packet

1. Final Wireless Ordinance

This is the version to be forwarded to Planning Commission and City Council, after final editing by City Staff and outside attorney Van Eaton of BB&K. December 4, 2019 Wireless Ordinance

2. Final Wireless Ordinance Draft [Redline/Strikeout]

This is the working draft prior to the Wireless Committee's last meetings on September 4 & 6, 2019. Extensive changes were made during those last meetings. A final 4-to-1 approval was given, but no copy was available locally for the committee or the public to review. December 4, 2019 Wireless Ordinance [Strikeout]

3. Encroachment Ordinance Draft

This ordinance language was largely extracted from the working draft Wireless Ordinance on recommendation from outside attorney, to be moved to the Encroachment section of City code. Van Eaton made the recommendation -- and the Committee agreed -- in order to make aesthetic and safety provisions apply equally to all overhead utilities. December 4, 2019 Encroachment Ordinance

4. Previous [September 6, 2019] Wireless Ordinance Draft

This is a "redline/strikeout" working draft that is supposed to show changes made up to the two September committee sessions. A thorough line-by-line comparison of this and item 2 above has not been attempted. September 2019 Wireless Ordinance