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Bylaws of New Monterey Neighborhood Association (Approved April 2023) I. Membership: The membership of the New Monterey Neighborhood Association shall consist of those persons residing or owning residentially zoned property within the boundaries of the area set forth in Section III. II. Dues: Dues shall be set by the Board annually. Member dues payment must be current for members to vote on any issue. III. Area: The area bounded on the North and West by the City of Pacific Grove, on the east by the Monterey Bay and on the south by the Presidio of Monterey. IV. Objectives: The objectives of the NMNA shall include: • To preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of the New Monterey Neighborhood • To promote and to strive for the improvement and betterment of public facilities and services in New Monterey • To promote and encourage positive community and civic spirit • To foster civil communication, good will, and friendship within New Monterey • To cooperate and coordinate with government officials, our NCIP representative and alternate and with other civic and public organizations for the general welfare of New Monterey. V. Voting: Only current paid members eighteen and older can vote. Votes shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. The Membership shall vote on the following matters: 1) Changes to the Bylaws, 2) Electing the Board of Directors. All other matters are to be determined by the Board. VI. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall be elected by the currently paid members. The Board of directors shall consist of an Executive Committee made up of 1) President, 2) Vice-President, 3) Secretary and 4) Treasurer. The rest of the Board shall consist of the Chairs of the: 1) Social Committee, 2) Newsletter/Communications Committee and 3) Webmaster. A Board member may serve in up to two positions simultaneously on a temporary basis. The Board is empowered to add or subtract positions, beyond those enumerated above, on the Board to address specialized issues of interest to the Membership. The Board is empowered to act upon routine matters via in-person, or virtual meetings (such as Zoom) and/or email provided a quorum is present. All such meetings shall be recorded and archived as minutes or by digital means. VII. Meetings: A quorum of the Board shall be a majority of the Board which must include at least one member of the Executive Committee. A quorum of the Board is required to conduct a meeting. A general membership meeting shall be held on an annual basis, normally in January, to elect the Board of Directors and to discuss current issues and to plan future actions/directions. Additional general membership meetings or events may be planned by the Board throughout the year and the Membership noticed. General membership meetings must have at least a quorum of the Board present. VIII. Board Member Vacancies: A vacancy or vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be deemed to exist on the occurrence of the following: 1) resignation or 2) the declaration of a vacancy by resolution of majority of the Board of Directors. Any vacancy can be filled by a majority of the Board and confirmed by a vote of the paid membership in a timely manner. IX. Election and Term of Office of Directors: All Board members shall serve one year terms and shall be elected by the paid Membership at the annual general Membership meeting usually held in January. X. Bylaw Changes: Changes to these Bylaws shall be approved by a vote of currently paid members. Any proposed changes shall be submitted to the membership in printed or digital form by the Board. A majority of ballots received shall decide the issue. Revised 1/85, 2/99, 11/06, 1/18, 4/17/23

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