By-Laws of
New Monterey Neighborhood Association

I. Membership
The members of the New Monterey Neighborhood Association shall consist of those persons residing or owning residential property within the boundaries of the area set forth in Section II. Membership is open to homeowners and residents of the area who pay their annual dues.

II. Area
The area bounded on the North and West by Pacific Grove, on the east by the Monterey Bay and on the south by the Presidio of Monterey. However, the zone of influence shall also include Lighthouse curve, FishermanÍs Shoreline Park and all contiguous coastal features.

III. Purpose
The purpose of this Association is primarily to preserve and enhance the quality of life and residential quality of our Neighborhood and to support and enhance business and business development in our commercial area.

IV. Goals
1. Promote zoning and architectural review which reflects existing neighborhood character.
2. Establish communication channels within the organization so that members feel at ease contacting any of the directors to lodge a complaint, provide advance information of the filing of a use permit, re„zone, or variance or discuss any topic which falls within the general purpose of the organization.
3. To establish and maintain a close working relationship with the City Council, Planning Commission and other Board and Commission members of the City of Monterey, and the city staff, in order to minimize adversary confrontation at the Planning Commission and City Council level.
4. To keep all members informed of pending actions, current status, and decisions on items that come before the Planning Commission or City Council as well as things of a general nature that are of interest to the membership. This may be accomplished through a phone call, newsletter or general meeting.
5. To nominate and support qualified candidates for election to City Council and appointments to the Planning Commission, and other governing bodies.
6. To support and promote small locally owned and controlled business and business development in our commercial area in character with our areaÍs past and to help formulate its future.

V. Voting
Only those paid members eighteen and older shall have the right to vote for the board of directors. Paid members may include two votes per household.

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VI. Board of Directors
There shall be an elected Board of Directors consisting of up to eleven (11) members. A majority of the elected Board of Directors will constitute a quorum. The Board of Directors will be responsible for maintaining an overall awareness of the general neighborhood feeling with respect to issues which impact upon the quality of life of any or all residents. The function of the Board is to represent and speak for the residents of New Monterey.

The Board is empowered to act upon routine matters affecting the neighborhood without requiring a general membership meeting. A special membership meeting may be called as necessary by a majority of Board. Within the Board, there shall be the following positions:
1) President
2) Vice-President
3) Secretary (Take minutes of meetings)
4) Treasurer (Accept, account for and disburse funds. Record membership)
5) NIP (Chair NMNA NIP Committee and act as NMNA NIP Representative to the City.

VII. Meetings
A general membership meeting shall be held on an annual basis to elect the Board of Directors, to discuss current issues and to plan future actions/directions.

VIII. Committees
There shall be an NIP Commitee (see NMNA NIP Representative and Committee Procedures) and such additional committees as needed. Each committee shall have a chairperson and such other assistants as may volunteer to assist. Committees sahll report their finding and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

IX. Dues
Dues shall be assessed at $10.00 per year per household payable each calendar year. Other than printing and mailing costs to keep the membership informed, any funds disbursed must have the approval of a majority of the Board.

X. Termination of Board Members
Events causing vacancy. A vacancy or vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be deemed to exist on the occurrence of the following: a) resignation, or removal of any director; b) the declaration by resolution of the Board of Directors of vacancy of the office of a director who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without consent of the Board President.

XI. Election and Term of Office of Directors
All Directors shall serve one year terms. Directors, but for the NIP Representative, shall be elected at the general meeting of the Association in January. Board members terminated for nonattendance or resignation may be replaced by appointment of a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Revised 1/85, 2/99, and 11/06